Helping Clients Get Fit

Aug 5, 2018

Long Term Goals

An individual approaches you (the trainer/strength coach) and asks to help them get fit. Great, a potential new client! What’s next? Tell them how great a trainer you are and how you’ll help get them fit faster than anyone else? Or, start a really intense training session? Take some measurements? Or, a fitness test? What about their definition of “fit”? The client will definitely attribute a different meaning to the word “fit” than you – the trainer. Do they mean fit to perform a particular task – if so, what is it and why? Do they mean an increase in cardiovascular endurance? E.g. the ability to run 10km. Why do they want to do that? What does it mean to them? Do they mean that they would like to look “fit”? A non-less worthy aim! What specifically is a fit look to them? How will they know when they have achieved the fit look? Any trainer can make a client sweat. And, may clients want this; it is, after all, a sign of hard work! The point is, how is this helping them reach their short or, long term goals? A good trainer will take time to establish meaningful, realistic, measureable, short and long term goals that can be achieved working together.

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