Oct 24, 2018

A worrying trend we are seeing lately is a lack of planned programming prescription being followed by many Personal Trainers. Many are following the constantly varied approach often touted in fitness media circles. While we would encourage a varied approach to many aspects of training (apparatus, grips, load, overload techniques, volume, angles and tempos) we are seeing far too many joint injuries and dysfunctions from the general public developed from a lack of basic preparation training and rushing into advanced exercise sessions. We like to call the approach to basic preparation training PROGRAM, PLANNING & PURPOSE. With this three “P” approach we are able to calculate periods of training and place into blocks of time with each block having a particular training outcome (Purpose). This allows us to prescribe exercises and select loading suitable for clients with low training ages in order to progress them over a sensible time frame so their bodies become more symmetrical (allowing better lifting postures), have improved deep core function, have improved neural awareness (brain-muscle-joint communication) and a stronger immune system preparing the body for changes to come. Once a trainee has had a decent time block of preparation training the Personal Trainer can further develop the overall program and add complexity over subsequent blocks using a method called PERIODISATION. More on that in a later blog!

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