Training Anaerobic Energy Systems for Maximum Results

Aug 20, 2018

Periodising training protocols to focus on both the anaerobic energy systems will decrease training time, cause a higher occurrence of Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption and increase aerobic performance! This will help your clients achieve faster results. Raising training intensity and basing sessions on compound resistance movements will cause a high level of oxygen debt that will keep metabolism elevated post training – burning fat at an increased level for up to 48 hours! Resistance training will help preserve or, add lean muscle which will also aid to increase resting metabolism. For every pound of lean muscle added to the body, calorie expenditure rises by 50 calories per day. That may sound insignificant, but compounded over the course of a year and that adds up to a 5lb fat loss. There exists many peer reviewed studies over the last 30 years to illustrate these points, find them, learn them and give validity to your training methods.

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