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Most personal trainers don’t fail because they don’t know the technical side of their job. Most of them fail because they don’t understand the true nature of what it means to run a business. To be successful a business needs customers, but how do you separate yourself from the thousands of others in the marketplace? How do you communicate with a prospect? What you should charge? How many clients you need? How do you keep records?
Our Sales Mastery course teaches you everything you need to know and a whole lot more you didn’t even realise existed!!!

Here are 3 ways this course will BUILD (and could even SAVE) your business

Identify how much you want to earn and the real value of each customer!
Learn how to identify and target a market that’s a perfect fit for you!
Learn communication styles and how to apply them so that you say the right thing in the right way to the right person every time.

And here’s 3 ways you can make changes to your business tomorrow, to generate more income:

Learn the 80:20 rule of business – work smarter, not just harder.
Learn about yourself! If you don’t truly understand who you are, how you communicate and what you want from your business, it’s impossible to tell someone else why they should trust you with their body!
Have fun! We are privileged to be in an industry where our job is to help people feel better about themselves – that deserves to celebrated every day with a smile on our faces…

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“I signed up to do my course with AFHP after having a bad experience with another provider and I am so glad I did. The online material is interactive and easy to read. And the in classroom sessions are very informative and enjoyable. Rob is a such wealth of knowledge and I have learnt so much from the sessions with him. I would highly recommend AFHP to anyone that who is looking at studying and getting into the fitness industry.”

Nakita Munro

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does this Course Cost?

To make your business the best it can be and learn everything you need to grow and maintain a successful business costs $150 online or $249 for our 1-day workshop.

Who is This Course For?

Anyone who runs a fitness business! The principles and strategies in this course have been designed with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. If you’re not implementing these strategies and principles in your business, there’s a good chance you might not have one in 2 years!

What Will I Learn In This Course

Fundamental business and marketing strategy.

What are the schedules for this course

You can choose to do this course online and the theory modules can be accessed on our world class eLearning platform. For 1-day workshop attendees, check the dropdown above for dates and locations.

What study method should I choose?

We want you to choose the right study method for you. The information below explains the how the different study methods work.

Online – You will be granted access to all the theory modules online but will need to find a mentor/supervisor to sign off your observations. Mentor’s need to have held a Certificate IV in fitness (or equivalent or higher) for at least two years and be registered with Fitness Australia. You will be given 12 months to complete this course.

Online with mentor – You will be granted access to all theory modules online and will be given the opportunity to pair with a mentor at one of our sites local to you. You will be given 12 months to complete this course.

Blended Learning – You will be granted access to all theory modules online and will have 1 x 2hr face to face lecture each week for the duration of the course along with 5 practical days of observations and implementations. The course typically takes 16 weeks to complete.

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