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Scientific Abbreviated Training (SAT)


Course Certificate: SAT

Here are 3 reasons you NEED to do this course:

1 -Separate yourself from the journeyman personal trainer – for most people, ‘abbreviated’ just means shorter, but you can learn how to apply real SCIENCE to the abbreviated training format and start getting better results in less time for you and your clients.
2 – Time is the most valuable asset there is – for your clients and for you. Learn how to deliver outstanding results and maximise the time your clients invest in you.
3 – Better results make you a better trainer – and better trainers have more clients and can demand more money. Join the elite by learning from our tried-and-tested formula.

And here’s the BEST 3 things you will learn:

1 – The core values of an abbreviated training session – what they are and how to apply them.
2 – An understanding of energy systems and how we can manipulate them to create the best training effect in the minimum time.
3 – What actually IS periodisation? Is there a ‘best’ kind and what is the best way to implement it in a structured training program?

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“Working with AFHP to complete my Certificate III and IV has been an amazing and worthwhile experience.  Learning through a mixture of online, written and physical methods has equipped me with all the essential knowledge needed to enter the fitness industry. The teachers are the best in the business and will help you every step of the way.
I would definitely recommend AFHP for anyone who wants to achieve their fitness certificates.”

Tom Dearnaley, Toowoomba QLD

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Course Credit Value:

10 CEC Badge

Additional Credit for Online Course

2 CEC Credit Badge

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does this Course Cost?

To become one of the best trainers in the industry, give yourself an edge on the competition, gain a deep understanding of the practical application scientific anatomy and physiology and earn 12 CEC’s costs only $249!

Who is This Course For?

All Fitness Professionals! Any trainer who wants to set themselves apart from the masses simply HAS to do this course. In order to claim your CEC’s from Fitness Australia, you need to hold at least a Certificate III in Fitness (or equivalent) and be registered with Fitness Australia. There is a significant practical element to this course so it is recommended all applicants have a good level of fitness and are injury free at the time of the course.

What Will I Learn In This Course

Everything you need to revolutionise the way you train yourself and your clients. We explore the fundamental principles of an abbreviated training session, the science behind exercise, practical applications of the theory and a framework for you to implement strategies immediately.

What are the schedules for this course

Theory modules can be accessed on our world class eLearning platform. Check the dropdown above for dates and locations of the practical 1-day workshop dates.

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